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SSP-G 232cc big bore kit and 4V Cygnus style head for GY6 Engines.

This complete power kit comes with a 67mm cylinder kit and matching crankcase. This means there is no machining of the crankcase required! The crankcase is also pre-drilled and tapped for an oil cooler, which is  a necessity on street ridden bikes. An oil block off fitting is included for race bikes.

Includes the following:

  • Complete 4-Valve Cygnus style cylinder head assembly with 25mm intake valves and 22mm exhaust valves
  • 67mm ceramic coated cylinder and high compression forged piston
  • Right and left engine cases with oil seals and bearings (must be installed by end user)
  • 250 degree camshaft, cam gear, cam chain and roller rockers
  • Anodized head and cam covers
  • 8.2mm stroker crank
  • Gaskets, cylinder studs, and associated hardware

The manufacturer suggests up to 25hp at 10,800 RPM is possible with this kit.

Some recommended additions (not included with kit) are: a high torque starter and starter clutch, an oil cooler kit for street riding, a high quality (such as Bando) 842-20-30 belt, 34mm PWK carburetor, quick throttle, rear gears, and a performance clutch and variator kit. Please see related items.

  • Cylinder Bore: 67mm
  • Cylinder Height: 75.2mm
  • Cylinder Stud Spacing: 57mm ("B Case")
  • Overall Left Crankcase Length: 20 inches
  • Includes All Gaskets and Hardware
  • Made in Taiwan



**Please Note: This kit is for experienced users only. Modifications may be required to ensure the engine will function properly. The cases need to be relieved when using the +8.2mm crankshaft or there may be interference with the piston.

SSP-G GY6 232cc 4V Power Kit $1749.95

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