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NCY makes the highest quality performance shock and forks in the market, and now you can add the Genuine Buddy and Roughhouse to the bikes that have NCY available to them.  These super high quality front forks will improve your bike's ride and add some flash to your scooter.  Available in silver, and black here the forks will not only add performance, but also lower your ride by roughly 2 inches.  Combo them with the rear low down shock to seriously slam your scooter!


Genuine Buddy 50
Genuine Roughhouse 50

*Will Not Fit Roughhouse Sport Edition.*


** For Maddog use**

Forks- requires shims, brake caliper/Brake Caliper mount, may not fit properly.

NCY FRONT FORKS (SILVER); BUDDY 50, ROUGHHOUSE 50 $204.95 free shipping

    Toll Free 1-877-701-0111 

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