These Billet Machined Aluminum Stoppers have an indent on the back so that once installed, it's possible to run with the bolt in the forward position or rear position without worrying about the bolt slipping in the swing arm tube! Our instructions for the Slip-In Stretch Kit specify that you should run the included bolt all the way to the front of the adjustment slot... this keeps the bolt from being able to slide forward and possibly having the chain clack-up while riding, which could be VERY dangerous! With these Billet Stoppers, it keeps it from being able to slide, and you can run the bolt to the back of the slot, gaining a little OVER 1" of additional stretch length! Awesome! 


The new stoppers come with special Stainless Steel hardware that has a MUCH shorter head height for a lower profile part, and are Anodized Black for a much more durable and stealthy finish!


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